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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is divided into two sections. The first part covers our Secure Fax Systems (fax AND 90si), the 390, 490, 690 and 790 Models, immediately below. The second part covers the Easy Fax 90si.

Models 390, 490, 690 and 790 (fax AND 90si):

Do the 390, 490, 690 and 790 include a 90si Gateway?
Yes! Each of these systems is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) fax and an Easy-Fax 90si Secure Fax Gateway.

Why are these systems so much less expensive than other "secure" faxes?
Because of the 90si! The economies of scale apply to the COTS faxes we sell. Additionally, our competition builds the kind of electronics in the 90si into their faxes. The expense of this labor drives up theircosts. As a result, Gateway Fax Systems can offer these high-quality, secure fax systems at a reduced price.

Can I process un-classified faxes with these systems?
Yes! Each of these systems comes standard with the ability to be used for both classified and un-classified facsimile messages.

Do I have to get any supplies or cables other than what comes standard with the systems?
No! The systems come complete with all the cables and supplies you need to get up and running immediately.

Where can I buy supplies for these systems?
Right here! Not only do we stock supplies like toner cartridges and image drums for current and past faxes, we also stock all of the accessories you may require. If there is anything you need, call us and we will get if for you. Overnight delivery if you wish!

Are these systems portable?
Yes! If you plan on transporting any one of these systems, simply remove the image drum and place it in the supplied plastic bag. Once removed, there is no chance for toner contamination. If you require a transport case, contact us.

Do these fax machines have volatile memory?
The Model 690 and 390 fax machines have volatile memory. This means that when power is removed or if the fax is turned off, any information in memory will be lost. For unmanned units, it may be wise to turn the unit off following any transaction. In this way you can be sure that no classified data is in memory. The 90si reatins no data in memory (see below for more information).
The Model 790, however, comes standard with battery backed memory.

Easy-Fax 90si:

Why should I switch from the single platform machines I currently buy?
There are many reasons but they can all be summed up in one word: choices.

  • Choose from the unlimited selection of commercial fax machines available rather than being "limited" to a few single platform secure fax machines.
  • Choose the commercial fax machine that best fits your budget.
  • Choose the commercial fax machine with the features and capabilities that best fit your requirements.
  • Choose to use one fax machine to do the work of two! The 90si lets your commercial fax machine send and receive both secure and public fax documents…automatically.
  • Choose either a conventional commercial fax machine or a computer-based fax. The 90si supports either.
  • Retain your freedom to choose in the future. As your requirements change or when your commercial fax machine wears out, you replace only the commercial fax and not the entire secure fax system. Over the years, this saves you a considerable amount of money as well as allowing you to choose the best available new products.

Is the 90si complicated to use and install?
Quite the contrary, it’s easy. GFS/TSP pioneered automatic operation of secure facsimile systems with the 9100 series fax machines and we’ve applied that know-how to the 90si. The 90si is designed to be completely automatic. To install, just set a few switches, plug in a couple of cables, sit back and communicate, the 90si is transparent…and automatic.

Do I have to put another box on my already over-crowded desktop?
No. The 90si is an extremely small unit housed in a durable case. Its automatic operation does not require any "hands-on". You can place it behind your desk or even mount it on your fax machine using the fastener strips included with the unit.

Isn’t the 90si solution more expensive than a secure fax machine?
Absolutely not! The 90si allows you to choose the capabilities you want to pay for. In fact, a commercial fax machine along with the 90si will actually be substantially cheaper to purchase and cheaper to replace than a comparably featured secure fax machine.

If you already have a commercial fax, why pay for another fax machine? The 90si will turn that commercial fax into a secure fax system and still allow you to send and receive normal faxes. The 90si lets your existing commercial fax machine do the work of two machines.

But the real value of the 90si is over the long haul. Secure fax machines are expensive and since fax machines wear out every 3 years or so, you could be faced with replacing an expensive secure fax unit in a very short time. The 90si changes all that.

The 90si takes the secure electronics portion of a secure fax machine and puts it in a separate box. Since the electronics will last a lifetime, all you need do every 3 years is replace your commercial fax machine . You replace only the portion of the system that needs it.

Can’t I just use a commercial fax machine with a digital port to communicate with the installed base of secure fax devices?
No. Commercial fax machines’ digital ports use manufacturer-proprietary protocols. Not only are these protocols incompatible with other vendors’ facsimiles, they are incompatible with the protocols used by single platform secure fax devices. But the 90si supportsall of the protocols that are used by the installed network.

What secure protocols does the 90si support?
The 90si supports the MIL-STD-188-161 as specified by the U.S. Department of Defense. The 90si also supports Ricoh and Compatibility protocols which are widely used in all secure facsimile communications.

If someone is sending me a secure fax, do I need to know what protocol they’re using so I can set the 90si?
No. The 90si automatically detects and sets the proper protocol. The user need not do anything.

With what Secure Telephones will the 90si operate?
The 90si has been tested with all the STU-IIIs including those from Motorola, AT&T/Lucent and GE/RCA. In addition the 90si is compatible with all Type II, III and IV Secure Telephones made by both AT&T/Lucent and Motorola as well as STU-IIIAs, STU-IIBs and Secure Telephone Equipment (STE). The 90si will work with any narrow-band crypto device that provides a synchronous, secure data port that operates at 2400, 4800 and/or 9600 bits per second.

Will the 90si communicate only with another 90si?
No. We designed the 90si to be compatible with the existing and future network of secure fax devices.

Do I need to have one fax machine for secure faxes and another one for regular faxe?.
No. The 90si enables one fax machine to operate as both a secure and non-secure fax system… saving you space, money and trouble.

What buttons or switches do I need to push to select whether I send a secure or non-secure fax?
None at all! The 90si is completely automatic. To send a secure fax, originate your call from the STU-III or other Secure Telephone. To send a non-secure fax, originate from your commercial fax machine as you normally would by using the fax telephone or programmable "one-touch" key.

How does the 90si determine what transmit or receive protocol it will use?
As a receiver, the 90si automatically determines the protocol being used by the sending secure fax. Switches 1, 2 and 3 determine which protocol the 90si will use as a sender, with one exception. With switch 1 set to Ricoh/Compat the 90si will automatically determine if the receiver is set for either of these two protocols. If you choose to use the Mil-Standard protocol, we recommend you use Handshake without Forward Error Correction (FEC) Switches 2 and 3.

If I don’t have a commercial fax machine to use, do I have to go one place for my fax machine and to you for the 90si?
No. GFS offers complete fax systems bundling the best commercial fax products with the 90si to offer a wide variety of feature sets and price options. Transportable, plain paper, low cost and rugged fax systems are all available from GFS.

I’m constantly out on the road. Is there a convenient way to send and receive secure faxes from other locations?
The 90si is perfect for this application. It is small and lightweight and will fit easily in a briefcase. To send secure faxes from almost any location, simply take your STU-III and the 90si with you and use whatever commercial fax machine is available where you are. Or, use your notebook computer equipped with commercial fax modem and software. Perhaps you might use your 90si with a desktop plain-paper fax in your office. When you go on the road take your Secure Telephone, 90si and Notebook PC.

Can I set the 90si up to communicate only in secure mode?

Yes. To prevent non-secure operation, the 90si’s dual use capability can be disabled by setting switch number 7. Alternatively, non-secure operation can be factory disabled.

What do I do when there are changes or modifications to the secure protocols?
Don’t worry. GFS is involved with the industry committees that propose and stipulate changes to the secure protocols. When a change is made, GFS will make that modification available to 90si users. And with the 90si, the firmware update for such a modification is a simple EPROM change. Contact us if you have any questions.

Does the 90si retain any image data in memory?
No. The 90si was designed specifically for this task. It has completely separate data paths for secure and clear data. In addition, the 90si clears all call routing, protocol handling and image data memory locations after every transaction. Finally, the 90si employs volatile memory which does not retain data following a power failure. As a result, the 90si contains classified data only during a transmission or reception. At all other times, no classified data is retained.